Comprehensive Insurance Sales Tool

360° Insurance experience that empowers insurance companies, distributors and customers

End-to-end insurance sales front end solution that facilitates pre-sales (customer fact find. needs analysis), sales, underwriting and policy servicing. It provides integration with different applications including insurance companies core engine to exchange information instantly such as underwriting status or accept application for processing on a real-time basis.

Key Features


Pre Sales

  • Needs analysis
  • Various calculators such as protection gaps, savings goal and budget calculators
  • Customer fact find
  • eKYC (Know-Your-Customer)


  • Highly configurable product engine
  • All kind of insurance products handled effectively in one interface
  • Quotation engine
  • Sales illustration system


  • Automated/ Smart underwriting system
  • Customisable underwriting rule adhering to corporate and regulatory requirements

Policy Serving

  • Policy administration such as handling change in customer/ policy details
  • Policy renewals
  • Claims processing
  • Others


  • Integrate with payment gateway for premium collection
  • Electronic invoicing
  • OCR enabled

Straight Through Processing

  • Direct submission to insurance companies for processing
  • Digital ID and signature
  • Instant application status
  • ePolicy

Why Choose Us?

Modular & Highly Configurable

Choose our individual modules or go full suite. We will work with our clients to understand the gaps and goals, coupled with our knowledge in industry trends and technologies, we provide fine-tuned, customizable solutions.

Reliable and Robust Software Applications

Options to go for cloud or on-premise, offline or online applications. Modern technologies, APIs and microservices approach for smooth implementation and optimum application performance

Shorter turnaround Time

Smart and configurable product engine built for constant business and product development

Go Paperless

Increase productivity by simplifying and transforming your day-to-day business operations

Support Multi Distribution Channel; Consistent Experience

Improve service quality, streamline and optimize the customer on-boarding process, sales and service activities

Support Multi Devices and Platforms

Simple yet intuitive, performs seamlessly on all digital platforms

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