Loan Origination

A web & mobile loan origination system for financial institutions for the auto-industry

VERICOS Loan Origination is iMocha’s loan origination software solution targeted at financial institutions or hire-purchase lenders who wish to be at the forefront of offering paperless end-to-end origination of loan from data-entry till decision making.

VERICOS Loan Origination is hire-purchase centric and is integrated to major sources such as CTOS, FIS, and CCRIS for credit reference data.



  • Web / Mobile origination via the Intranet or Internet
  • Extend-able to Car Dealers & Partners
  • Document capture & upload
  • Real-time status updates via SMS/Push Notifications


  • Initial credit screening of applicant
  • Credit worthiness summary for manual/automated decision making

Verification & Approval

  • Multi-level verification & approval workflow
  • Configurable workflows
  • Escalations
  • Interfaces with third-party credit scoring engines


  • Document printing
  • Integrated biometric verification for document execution
  • Appeal / Amendment


  • Flexible product management module
  • Multi-criteria Terms of Underwriting
  • Make & Model maintenance
  • Market Value maintenance


  • Pre-Sales
    • Extension to relevant third parties
    • Partner Integration for sales / white labelling
  • Backoffice & Administration
    • Monitoring
    • Reports
    • Dashboards
    • Flexible Organisation
    • Flexible Products
    • Flexible Processes
    • GUI-based Workflow Authoring
  • Collection & Recovery
    • Segmented Strategies by Risk, Product and/or Debt Age
    • Prioritisation of Work to Reduce Cost and Improve Productivity
    • Agency Collections, Repossessions, Foreclosures & Litigation
  • Origination / Approval
    • Pre-screening & Credit Check
    • Scoring & Profiling
    • Activities & Checklists
    • Sales Tracking & Campaigns / Reports
  • Document Management
    • PDF Documents with Data & Mail Merge
    • Multi-recipient Correspondence
    • Documents (Scanned, Images, etc.)
    • Folders & Checklists
    • Bulk Segmented Document Sending
  • Disbursement
    • Account Creation / Verification
    • Disbursement Checklists
    • 3rd Party Disbursement Management
We custom-built these systems for clients
  • Covers All Products
    • Cards
    • Retail
    • Corporate (SME)
  • Multiple Marketing Plans Per Product
  • Flexible Plan Options
    • Interest Only
    • Multi-phased Repayments
  • Integrates Branch and Head Office Approval Processes
  • Capture Applicant Details
    • Key Metrics For Scoring
    • Documents For Validation
    • Proof of Identity
    • Contact Details
  • Loan Calculation Simulations And Quotations
  • Loan Repayment Calculations And Schedule
  • Flexible Application And Policy Validation Scoring
  • Risk Based Rating and Service Pricing
  • Loan Repayment Calculations, Schedule And Simulations
  • Capture And Tracking Of Collateral Details
    • Documentation
    • Valuations
    • Photo Evidence
  • De-dupe Validation and External Database (Bureau, Blacklist, etc)
  • Approval Process By Plan Is Definable, Routable And Tracked At Each Level Against SLA
  • Loan Agreement Printing And Delivery Confirmation
  • Disbursement Control For Single And Multi-Phased Disbursements 
  • Enables Loan Restructuring (Maintenance)
  • Integration With Other Application Module For Risk-Based Loan Restructuring And Collections Strategies
  • News / Latest Content / Promotions
  • P2P FAQs and Info
  • Investor Onboarding
  • Borrower Onboarding
  • Market / Auction Model
  • Borrower Profile / Investment Opportunity (Summary)
  • Borrower Profile / Investment Opportunity (Detailed)
  • Investor Portfolio Management
  • Investment Risk Banking
  • Portfolio Performance (Current & Historical)
  • Loan / Investment Return Calculator
  • Self Investment / Managed Investment
  • Rolling / Fixed Investment
  • Insurance Bundling
  • Borrowers Provision Fund
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Multi-Currency
  • Content Management Driven (For Static Content Pages Only)
  • Mobile Friendly Web and/or Mobile App
  • Backoffice Management
  • Integration To 3rd Party Credit Checking Providers
  • Internal Scoring Engine
  • Integration to Banks
  • Communication via SMS, Push Notification, eMail
  • Document Management For Applicants
  • Standard Document Template Management
  • KYC Management
  • Product Set-up
  • Workflow Driven
  • Fee Set-up
  • Loan Portfolio Monitoring
  • Reporting Tools
  • Customised Operational & Financial Dashboard
  • BI Tools
  • Social Media Linkage
  • Referrals / Affiliate Marketing
  • Direct LOS Integration and Initiation
  • 3rd Party Definition And Configuration With Tenancy Options
  • Full End-To-End Multi-Party Collaborative Processes
  • Processes Configuration By Customer/Product Type
  • Support For Retail And Commercial Loans
  • Workflow Driven Work Assignment And Tracking
  • Partner Access, Progress Tracking And SLA Warnings And Alerts
  • Multi-Level Approval Workflows, Activities & Checklists
  • Exception And Escalation Handling
  • Document Creation Template Forms And Correspondence
  • Capture For Applicant, Asset And Process Documentation
  • Shared Documents For Immediate Access
  • Integrated Multi-Party, Multi-Contract, Messaging And Correspondence
  • Applicant Validation Including Documents And External Assessment
  • Integration Of External Services For Application Verification
  • Asset Valuations, Documents And Photo Evidence
  • Reporting And Dashboards For Rejections & Progression Rates
  • Flexible Account Data Integration (ETL)
  • Configurable Case Assignment (Workflow)
    • Automated Dunning Services
  • Flexible Collection Strategies (Champion, Preemptive, Etc.)
  • Options For Shared (Pooled) Resource Allocation
  • Call Center Optimisation (CTI, Call Scripts, Etc.)
  • Automated PTP Tracking
  • PTP Options For Instalments, Waivers, Fee Charges And Dispute Management
  • Transaction Integration (Payments)
  • Automated Follow Up & Diary Integration
  • Options For Other Transaction Processing DR/CR
  • Assignment To Workflow For Process Completion
  • Assignment To TP For External Processes:
    • Field Collections
    • Agencies
    • Legal Professionals For Litigation
  • TP Data Integration For Collaboration And Case Visibility
  • Assignment Of TP Fees & Commissions
  • Customer Summary (Visibility To Related Account Case Data)
  • Productivity Features (Fast Case To Case Access, CTI Options, Etc.)
  • Productivity Tracking & Portfolio Risk Analysis

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