Insurance Agency Management System

Feature-rich agency management system that transform and maximize your agency potential

Full-featured customizable CRM, productivity and scheduling all-in-one software aiming to support insurance agency, agents and brokers for better work and performance management. It gives agents everything they need in one single interface.

Key Features

  • Agency Management
  • Customer Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Sales Management
  • eSignature
  • Prospect Management/ Lead
  • Tracking
  • Pipeline Management
  • Balance Scorecard
  • Performance and Incentive
  • Tracking
  • Calendar and Scheduler
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • Policy Review & Comparison
  • Renewal Notification
  • Automated Reminder
  • Document Management
  • Claims and Reimbursement
  • Training and Development
  • Media & Downloads

Why Choose Us?


All core features an agency needs to manage, grow, and measure your agency

Permission-based User Setup

Define access by user, ranking or IP. Control how, where, and which agent accesses data and set approval levels for new agents

Data Analytics

Advanced data analysis capabilities and behavioral analytics that help agency gain deeper understanding of trends, agent’s individual habits to better craft the development program or product offerings that suit each agent or group


Endless possibilities to integrate with external tools such as accounting system, helpdesk, learning platform, email and etc, all organized in one system.

Modular & Highly Configurable

Choose our individual modules or go full suite. We will work with our clients to understand the gaps and goals, coupled with our knowledge in industry trends and technologies, we provide fine-tuned, customizable solutions.

Reliable and Robust Software Applications

Options to go for cloud or on-premise, offline or online applications. Modern technologies, APIs and microservices approach for smooth implementation and optimum application performance

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