Omni-Channel Digital Banking


Online banking as we used to know it has changed dramatically with the age of technological advancement. The surge and advancement in technology has caused a shift within information technology and the digital age that even within the sector itself, industry players are being disrupted.

What more for the financial industry players themselves? Trying to keep up with technology change while contemplating business concerns is worrying. This is the age of the digital era and where traditional internet banking or mobile banking is now no longer in fad but rather the very basics of self-servicing customers expect.

Digital banking expands beyond channels and devices. It melds into our life and our daily activities. Banking services are now blurred and are now being provided by non-bank providers more efficiently at lower costs.


VIZARDRY Omni-Channel Digital Banking Platform is created to cater for enterprise & business banking, more specifically for internet transactions and corporate cash offerings by financial institutions. It is a modular front and back-office solution targeted at offering flexibility for various banking and payment needs and is developed on an open platform for ease of integration to various service and legacy system providers existing in a Bank.

VIZARDRY comprises several key components and transaction modules that are independent in nature which allows for both simple and complex implementations. It reduces time-to-market for banks and other financial services providers who need to accelerate their online and digital strategy. It allows banks and financial services providers to take back control of their digital strategy so they can address their customers needs directly. It also empowers business owners like digital marketers to create, manage and optimize the end-to-end customer experience.