Comprehensive Solutions to meet LHDN e-Invoicing Requirements

Let us help and ease your organisation’s transition to e-Invoicing. Our solution enables technical compliance to e-Invoicing requirements and allows your business to focus on aligning processes.

EIVY is an all-inclusive invoice management platform that allows organisations to manage electronic invoicing requirements to meet LHDN and related tax guidelines. Comprising of a invoicing gateway and management portal, the platform provides a comprehensive solution to consolidating electronic invoices as well as managing services such as invoicing flows, approvals, verification, signing, integration to LHDN, handling exceptions, invoice presentment and ultimately reconciliation.

Key Features

Send digital invoicing data from your existing accounting, ERP, billing and finance systems to EIVY via internal APIs, file exchange or custom formats.

EIVY Invoice Management Platform can be deployed on Cloud or On-Premise. Hosted subscription model available later in Q3 2024.

Clients can operate one main system and share the platform out to their subsidiaries and related-companies. System can manage multiple organisations and user roles.

EIVY can present endorsed invoices & bills via digital channels to customers.

Clients will send their invoicing data via a published API call or file exchange to the EIVY Invoice Management Platform.

EIVY Platform will manage invoice signing using Digital Certificate issued by LHDN

Interactive portal available for invoicing administration and statistics.

Platform comes with back office for dashboard access, reporting, invoice template set up and configuration etc.

EIVY Invoice Management Platform can be deployed on Cloud or On-Premise. Hosted subscription model available later in Q3 2024.

Invoicing Portal Capabilities

  • Webapp portal with mobile responsive for PC/Laptop/ Mobile/Tablet browsers.
  • Organisation/User Management, Login / SSO, Forget Password.
  • Multi-tenant design for different entities with their own DB and relevant transactions.
  • Customizable reports to the users to monitor the e-Invoices at transaction level, segregated Tax ID on access matrix.
  • Search on either User Management Access or the Transactional Access.
  • List and details with status of every individual transaction of invoices on income & expenses.
  • Manage the distribution of digital invoices to customers.
  • Manual e-Invoices, credit and debit note creation/ update/ delete/ resubmit.
  • Process the rejection requests initiated by buyers from LHDN.
  • Manual or ad hoc invoice management features.

Invoicing Gateway

  • The main gateway to interface invoicing transactions to LHDN via API messages or file exchange as well as back-office systems via message queue.
  • Adhere to LHDN integration flow and requirements.
  • File Mapping & Convertor.
  • Control all invoice types submitted to LHDN based on transaction. Supports inward invoices for internally presented purchases.
  • Batch management and scheduling submission of e-Invoices on real-time, daily or monthly basis to LHDN based on the type of transactions depending on settings.
  • Re-try and queuing management.
  • Email alerts and notifications.

EIVY Digital Invoicing Workflow Management Capabilities

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EIVY Portal – Access to Invoicing Statistics and Reports


EIVY implements various security measures including encryption technologies, digital signatures, and secure data transmission protocols. By adopting secure electronic invoicing solutions, businesses can safeguard their financial data and mitigate the risk of fraud or unauthorized access.

Infrastructure & operational security factors are to be considered to provide end-to-end overall system risk management completeness.

Compliance to Tax Requirements & Standards

e-Invoicing is subject to various legal and regulatory frameworks worldwide. Different countries have implemented specific requirements and standards for electronic invoicing, necessitating compliance with local regulations.

This may involve implementing electronic signature standards, archiving requirements, or invoice format specifications. ie; Invoices may have to be stored in a specific format for a certain period of time and may require the use of specific encryption algorithms for data security.

Process under way to comply with standards such as PEPPOL.

For Banks and Financial Institutions

We are also offering several e-Invoicing solutions to complement our digital invoicing gateway. These additional components will assist to create additional complimentary and value-added services for:

  • Invoicing Analytics
  • Corporate Client Cash Flow & Cash Forecasting
  • Transaction Visibility & Matching
  • Invoice Collection & Digital Payment
  • VAT / SST Tax Collection Agent
  • Alternative Financing Models via Invoicing Data
  • Alternative Lending Systems for Invoice/Receivables Financing and Managing Supply Chain Financing
  • Other Trade Finance services

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